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No one expects a business to have in-house knowledge or expertise about Asperger Syndrome or the challenges faced by those people with AS.

That’s why we’ve developed a number of different training products designed to help HR managers, recruiters and line managers understand the challenges that a working environment can present to a team member with AS.

Good practice starts with awareness

Understanding why recruiting people with Asperger Syndrome (or those with high-functioning autism) can be great for business is the first step towards creating a working environment that is welcoming and allows those individuals to perform to their full potential.

The Asperger community represents a largely untapped talent pool which can bring dynamic and innovative thinking to an organisation, helping the business to achieve its outcomes through different approaches to critical thinking.

Training is also vital for the people who work with and for you. It will make it easier to be aware of staff within the business who have AS but have not declared it, and it will enable colleagues to understand the role they can play in creating an Asperger Fit ‘n’ Friendly environment that is supportive, welcoming and accommodating.

Training designed for you

We offer two awareness training options:

  • A one-hour awareness event
  • A three-hour awareness workshop

We’ll help you to understand

  • How people with Asperger Syndrome see the world
  • How people with AS relate to other people and why taking part in everyday family, school, work and social life can be harder for them
  • How to build rapport with people with AS
  • How to get the very best from AS employees

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Awareness Training