Candidate Provision

Helping you to find the very best talent

The Asperger community is a significant and largely untapped talent pool, rich in a diverse range of skills that could help to drive your organisation forward.

We work closely with individuals with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism to create opportunities that not only match their wide-ranging talents and abilities but also allow employers to meet talent who can bring new ways of thinking to their business.

Understanding opportunity

At ASPIeRATIONS, we support people with AS before, during and after the recruitment process, so we already know where the best talent is and how those people might fit into your team.

Through our Employment Placement process candidates upload their CVs, enabling us to provide recruitment search and shortlisting services for businesses which are serious about building teams that are truly neuro-diverse.

That means you’ll always get to see the best candidates available, knowing their professional and personal skills have already been matched to your organisation.

Support beyond hire

We work with candidates to prepare them for the recruitment process. But we are also there to provide ongoing support, advice and guidance to help them transition into their new role, allowing them to be effective from their first day.

And through our company review service, we can also guide employers to understand the reasonable adjustments that may be needed to ensure their business is Aspergers Fit ‘n’ Friendly.

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