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If your company, university or organisation would like to host an Aspierations Awareness event, do let us know.  They are a fun and informative way to spread awareness about neuro-diversity, high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome.


Aspergers Event at Lloyd's

Following on from last year’s event at Lloyd’s where they focused on unlocking the untapped potential of people with AS, they are hosting a second at the end of this month. This event will highlight the support and initiatives that are available and ongoing in and around the City.

The event will be held at Lloyd’s in the Old Library on Monday 30 April at 5pm where a number of people will give some short talks about some of these initiatives.

Gabriel Herman of ASPIeRATIONS will talk about the work his company has done to help organisations to recruit, retain and grow their Asperger Talent and to introduce their new web-site and recruitment portal.

John Phillipson from the North East Autism Society will talk about the work done by Autism Alliance UK.  Annali-Joy Thornicroft from The Insurance Charities will describe the work done by her organisation.  Chris Harvey and Peter Montanaro will talk about The Wave Project and SAFE, two initiatives aimed at supporting younger family members to build their confidence through social and fun activities. Jonathan Silver will talk about the challenges he faced going through the interview process and then his experiences after a couple of years working in the City.

From 6pm, there'll be an excellent opportunity to network with other people in and around the Market impacted by AS.

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If you have any further questions please contact Peter Montanaro by email Peter.Montanaro@lloyds.com

Venue: Lloyd's, Old Library, One Lime Street, London EC3M 7HA


Busting the Myths about Autism University of Bath 18th April 1.30pm - 3.30pm

ASPIeRATIONS is dedicated to “busting the myths” about autism. This campus presentation will inform, dispel misconceptions, and highlight that “autism is a difference, a neurodiversity, and certainly not a disability”.

ASPIeRATIONS is also dedicated to providing innovative solutions to improve entry, inclusion, involvement, and integration for those with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism into organisations, and will launch the ASPIeRATIONS Recruitment Channel.

For more info on ASPIeRATIONS, email admin@aspierations.org or visit www.aspierations.org


If you would like to attend, please email recruit@bath.ac.uk FAO: Emma Phillips to book a place.


To attend, go to myfuture.bath.ac.uk and search in Events for ‘Aspierations’

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