Creating the right working environment for you

Employers may be asked to make reasonable adjustments to make sure they are offering you a working environment that meets your individual needs.

The organisations we work with have an understanding and awareness of changes they may need to make in order to give colleagues with AS the best possible environment to work in.

Levelling the playing field

We help employers understand that many traditional recruitment techniques are challenging for those with Aspergers or high functioning autism. We work with them to design recruitment and selection processes that provide clarity and reassurance to mitigate the inherent challenges associated with interviews and assessments.

Improving workplace cultures

Our work with employers to both raise awareness and also support specific situations improves understanding of those with Aspergers and high functioning autism amongst recruiters, colleagues and managers.  Creating cultures in which diversity of thought is welcome and encouraged has benefits for all employees, not simply those with an autism spectrum difference.

Helping you to find the right employer

We will only place our candidates in organisations that we deem to be Asperger Fit ‘n’ Friendly. That means businesses which meet our own ambition in ensuring people with AS are welcomed, supported and valued in the workplace.

If you’d like to know more about how we work with candidates, please contact us.

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