16th October from 1300 -1800 on Campus at Bath University 

This event has been developed in partnership with the University of Bath Careers and Student Services and Reconnect.

Why are we running this event?

The transition from university to employment can be a challenge for autistic students:

  • Recruitment processes are typically designed and administered by neurotypical recruiters with neurotypical candidates in mind
  • Unconscious bias can unwittingly effect recruitment outcomes as employers tend to favour candidates who are good communicators and sociable, irrespective of the demands of the role
  • Autistic students can be very honest, which can work to one’s disadvantage in an interview context relative to neurotypical candidates who are better at selling themselves

However, enlightened employers are recognising that traditional recruitment processes don’t always deliver the best employment outcomes. They are also proactively seeking diverse perspectives to solve today’s business challenges, and see the role the autistic mind can play in positively disrupting the status quo and benefiting business decisions.

This event has been designed to give autistic students better insight into interview processes and how to articulate their differences as strengths in an employment setting. Students will learn and practice how to answer competency based questions and motivational questions in a safe, supportive environment. Simultaneously, employers can learn how to get the best from autistic applicants to help them diversify their workforce.

Who should attend?

This event has been specifically designed for students who have, or believe they have autism, and Recruiters and Managers looking to improve their communication skills with autistic applicants and employees.

What the event involves?

We have designed a simulated interview activity for applicants with autism. During the event, employers will:

  • Lead coaching and observed interview sessions with autistic students
  • Receive feedback from both autism experts and the autistic students themselves on how they can improve their communication skills
  • Learn more about the nature of autism and its relevance to the workplace of today and tomorrow

Student representatives will engage in coaching and interview sessions, practicing and receiving feedback from employers, peers and autism experts to help them improve both their emotional readiness and answering techniques.

How do I register?

Employers should contact to discuss how they can support the venture.


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