Helping businesses to be Asperger Fit ‘n’ Friendly

We work with commerce and industry to educate UK employers on the benefits that come from hiring the wealth of talent offered by the Asperger community.

Our relationship with candidates who have Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism makes us a great resource when it comes to finding the best people available for a role and helping the employer to be neuro-diverse.

But we also recognise that in order to be a great employer, businesses need to understand the challenges a team member with AS might face in their workplace and how to provide the appropriate support.

Being Asperger Fit ‘n’ Friendly is about business being AS aware, accommodating new team members by creating an environment in which they can thrive, welcoming neurodiversity and offering the right support.

The right advice at the right time

Through years of experience working in business and with the Asperger community, we have developed unrivalled expertise which we share with employers to make them as well-informed as possible about how to recruit effectively and what measures they might need to put in place to be welcoming and accommodating.

We have a wealth of knowledge, advice and resources available to potential employers who are either actively looking to recruit from the talent within the AS community or want to explore the potential benefits of doing so.

Whether you want to learn more about Asperger Syndrome itself, would like to know the experiences of other employers or individuals, want to set up awareness training for your existing team or need advice or information about anything else, we have the answers.

Get in touch to find out how ASPIeRATIONS can help your business to be Asperger Fit ‘n’ Friendly.

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